dottie_ditto (dottie_ditto) wrote in tourist_traps,

shelma fanarts, i guess

hey everyone ^_^
so, these have been hanging out on my computer for like a week, and i figured i'd share them with you all

semi- crappy, weabootastical Shelma fanart under the cut

this is probably the first pic i've done of a scooby character since about the 3rd grade (in college now), so it's mostly experimentation. velma looks cute i guess.

and shaggy's hair looks good in this one. that is all

the next batch of stuff i post will be better, hopefully, i draw so infrequently these days
hope you guys like them ^_^

Tags: !fanart, character: norville "shaggy" rogers, character: velma dinkley, ship: shaggy/velma
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