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Should Shaggy and Velma get back together? Can that relationship be saved?

As of the last episode of Mystery Incorporated, I'm really really torn between the shipper in me wanting them to get back together (mainly because we may never get a canon romance with them again) and the logical thinker in me that says, "These versions of the characters are absolutely TOXIC as a couple and should just stay friends. After all, Shaggy seems relieved to be rid of her and not at all bummed out or conflicted about the break up".

Anyway, I've been trying to see if I could reconcile those two sides and figure out how Mystery Incorporated's Shaggy and Velma could possibly get back together without it feeling like an unbelievable plot contrivance. Here's what I came up with:

1) We need to see SOME sign that Shaggy likes Velma even half as much as she likes him:
Even in the early episodes (i.e. before Velma wandered into Bunny Boiler territory and the Scooby vs Velma drama got ridiculous), we got very few indications that Shaggy liked Velma back. And the two times he actually did something romantic (holding her hand in Gatorsburg and dancing with her at the end of the Que Horrifico episode), those things only happened after Velma had spent the entire episode twisting his arm.
And before you mention the makeout scene; that could easily be chalked up as Shaggy simply doing what any heterosexual teenage male would do. ~_^

2) Scooby and Velma do a complete 180 and become best buddies (like they SHOULD have been all along **grumblegrumble**):
Scooby and Shaggy will always be inseparable no matter what. And Velma will have to let go of her anger and be friends with Scooby if she ever wants to pursue a relationship with Shaggy again.

3) Scooby becomes less possessive:
This already seems to be happening (Scooby spent the last two episodes trying to bury the hatchet with Velma). Let's hope that Scooby wanting to be her friend again is a sign that he's willing to accept her (or anyone else, for that matter) as Shaggy's girlfriend in the future.
...and maybe Velma could help this along by buying a cute poodle to distract Scooby when she and Shaggy go on dates. ^_~

4)Shaggy stops being co-dependant on Scooby:
This version of Shaggy seems to be almost freakishly dependent on his dog (to the point where I have to restrain myself from making jokes about them that have "doggie style" in the punchline >_<).

He seems to have trouble letting people get close to him. And I doubt that even Classic-Velma (who LOVES Scooby and has always been very sweet and patient) would tolerate being second fiddle to her boyfriend's dog ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME! Shaggy needs to realize that he can have a girlfriend AND a best friend and he can divide his time between them without giving either the shaft. 

5) Velma stops being so co-dependant on Shaggy:

In the beginning of the series, Velma seemed to practically hinge her whole identity on being Shaggy's girlfriend. That bad writing habit overshadowed all of her other character traits (like her intelligence). That was a HUGE problem in their relationship from the get go and it only got worse when Scooby found out and we entered the godawful 'Scooby vs Velma' story arc. Even after the break up, she's still constantly mooning over him. Velma needs to be more at peace with herself and the idea of being single before she can enter into a romantic relationship again.

6) They both need to mature:
Both Shaggy and Velma obviously have no idea how to properly handle themselves in a romantic relationship. And, honestly, I'm not sure what circumstances and/or events (aside from the passage of a few years) can trigger a change that significant in either of them before the end of the series. As of right now, all they do is bring out the worst in each other.

So...what do you guys think? What would have to happen for Shaggy and Velma to BELIEVABLY get back together? Can this relationship be saved at all?
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